What are the best Alternatives to Microsoft Paint?

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    Written on February 7, 2017
    Larry Kim
    "I think that Paint.net could be another decent alternative to Microsoft Paint. I think that features it offers it is a great option."
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    Written on January 24, 2017
    Gerald Stevens
    "I mostly use MS Paint for either basic cropping and scaling, or for pixel art, and MyPaint it's not really suited for either task, since there's no Paste feature and you can't draw pixel by pixel. Overall, it's not a good alternative to MS Paint."
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    Written on May 8, 2017
    Gregory Wade
    "Microsoft Paint is pretty limited in what you can do. I was looking for a program that was easier to use and had more options for editing etc... I just found Krita. Krita is pretty cool as far as features go. I found learning how to use it is simple. I like it better than paint. I would recommend this."
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    Written on July 7, 2017
    Elizabeth Walters
    "Artweaver is a fantastic painting tool. I really enjoy drawing with this program. The textures and layers that can be created help to inspire me. I would recommend this program as a great alternative to Microsoft Paint. It's much better in my opinion."
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    Written on January 8, 2017
    Ethan Bates
    "I think that Microsoft Paint is junk software and just about any paint software can replace it, but I think that PaintCAD might be worse. I would not suggest this software after looking at the website and watching their video."
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    Written on March 23, 2017
    Gary Welch
    "I was tired of using MS Paint because it just is not that good. I just found Cosmigo Pro Motion. Now this program rocks. There are so many features it makes paint look like a program for a child. This was really the best alternative for me."
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    Written on July 12, 2017
    Roy Holland
    "After using MS Paint forever I needed something better that had more options. I recently tried Pyxel Edit. I find it so much easier to draw and do what I want with a simple layout and low learning curve. I ditched Paint for this and I am glad I did."
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    Written on March 21, 2017
    Charles Webb
    "Microsoft Paint is limited in what you can do. I was looking for a program that was easier to use and had more options for editing etc... I just found Photoscape. I liked the UI and options available. I really liked it compared to MS Paint. I am glad I used it."
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    Written on April 7, 2017
    Roger Smith
    "Nothing is more frustrating than using graphics software designed decades ago and never updated for today - Microsoft Paint is one of the worst offenders. But using Corel Draw lets me draw more naturally and capture my sketches and other artwork then edit it as needed. The only problem I have is the price tag - ouch!"
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    Written on August 8, 2017
    Gloria Bradley
    "GIMP is a must have program for anybody that is interested in digital art. There are so many features available in this program that the possibilities for your artwork is endless."


Best Alternatives to Microsoft Paint
Rank Solutions Type Votes Price
1 Paint.NET Software 124 Free
2 MyPaint Software 100 Free
3 Krita Software 83 Free
4 Artweaver Software 60 Free
5 PaintCAD 4Windows Software 51 Free
6 Cosmigo Pro Motion Software 40 Free
7 Pyxel Edit Software 25 Free
8 Photoscape Software 10 Free
9 Corel Draw Software 0 Paid
10 Gimp Software 0 Free