What are the best fast food restaurants?

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    Written on September 7, 2017
    Teresa Phillips
    "If you like chicken sandwiches, Chick-Fil-A is definitely one of the best places. Their lemonade isn't too bad, either, but if you want it on Sunday? Heaven itself won't help you: they're closed on Sundays. It's good food when it's open, though."
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    Written on September 7, 2017
    Richard Mason
    "In-N-Out Burger is definitely better than most national chains - it is worth visiting a location if they one is available in your area and you are having issues finding a suitable fast food place. They don't offer as many menu items as other chains, but I feel like they benefit by sticking to what they do best. They definitely have more of an old-school, authentic feel, considering their relative size."
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    Written on September 4, 2017
    Barbara Valdez
    "Raising Cane's is a great fast food chain in Baton Rouge. It has been around for twenty years after being founded by Todd Graves and Craig Silvey. It is a great local restaurant known for chicken fingers but everything is good."
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    Written on September 4, 2017
    Henry Fisher
    "Firehouse Subs has some of the best bacon and cheddar sandwiches I've ever had. They melt the cheese on like they do at Arby's but their ingredients taste so much better."
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    Written on September 7, 2017
    Gloria Robertson
    "Chipotle Mexican Grill is so fresh and yummy! Trendy with their new bowls meals, they specialize in huge burritos, and tacos."
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    Written on September 7, 2017
    Michael Perry
    "Whenever I am looking for a sub sandwich on the go, I know I can count on Jersey Mike's Subs to deliver a consistent quality sandwich. There is an adequate selection of breads and cheeses. Additionally, oil and vinegar dressings offered here easily raise the taste of the sandwich. From roast beef to tuna, you can find a sandwich that will satisfy your craving for a classic sandwich. Unfortunately, the price may be a bit costly to some for a simple sandwich."
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    Written on September 4, 2017
    Alan Ward
    "Krispy Kreme is simply the best for donuts. If you haven't had their donuts when they're fresh, you have to."
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    Written on September 4, 2017
    Craig Fuller
    "Culver's is one of those places that you don't know what you're missing until you try it. But if you have the chance, go for it! You won't be disappointed."
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    Written on September 4, 2017
    Janice Hoffman
    "If you visit Vancouver you must go to Papa Murphy's. They are a fast food set up (or take-and-bake) loved by Washingtonians for over twenty years."
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    Written on September 7, 2017
    James Green
    "This isn't bad at all. Quality food and bake goods to go along with it, all at a decent price. That being said it is a small menu, so give it a look to see if there's anything that perks your interests. Quality is there, just need your personal tastes!"


Best fast food restaurants
Rank Solutions Type Votes Price
1 Chick-fil-A Other 126 Paid
2 In-N-Out Burger Other 104 Paid
3 Raising Cane's Other 89 Paid
4 Firehouse Subs Other 77 Paid
5 Chipotle Mexican Grill Other 65 Paid
6 Jersey Mike's Subs Other 57 Paid
7 Krispy Kreme Other 39 Paid
8 Culver's Other 34 Paid
9 Papa Murphy's Other 16 Paid
10 Panera Bread Other 7 Paid