What are the best League of Legends champions?

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    Written on February 20, 2017
    Carol Barnett
    "I myself am a fan of League of Legends and love this character. It embodies to me what a true and mighty warrior really is."
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    Written on October 2, 2017
    Carl Crawford
    "This is a very activity packed game. Whenever I play it, I feel like I'm actually doing something. You feel like you're exploring real world adventures and you can customize the interface to fit your liking."
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    Written on May 12, 2017
    Frank Holland
    "I can't truly attest for the content of this solution since I am not familiar with LoL, but the site they use to deliver the solution is quite possibly the best solution out there. Wikia sites based on games/movies/shows provide the absolute best source of in depth information along with supplemental information to fulfill the needs of anyone looking for knowledge."
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    Written on April 15, 2017
    James Wright
    "This site is a great place to read up and find information on all of your favorite league of legends champions, but not opinions or thoughts on who the best League of Legends champions are. Read up if you want to learn and make your own judgments."
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    Written on May 5, 2017
    Harold Ramos
    "I have spent many hours looking for the best League of Legends Champions since I am obsessed with the game. I believe after doing many hours of research that the best champion is Lee Sin - The Blind Monk which is an excellent character."
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    Written on April 21, 2017
    Christopher Burton
    "A cool concept if only the game worked. Every time I tried to play it either froze up or didn't do what I wanted it to. It seems like they rushed this one out without proper testing. As a result, there are entirely too many bugs that should have been caught before roll out. Maybe I will give it a try in the future after everything is fixed but for now, I have to pass."
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    Written on October 2, 2017
    Angela Huang
    "I love league of legeneds but you know who I love more? The character soraka. I have always had an affinity to healer classes in games. But she brings all that and more to the table. I always have a good time playing as her plus she has the best backstory."
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    Written on October 2, 2017
    Ralph Nichols
    "Lucian is kind of a misunderstood or underrated League champion. It seems like many people do not know how to use him correctly, Many might not be familiar with playing against him, making him a decent choice in public games where most people only pick characters and strategies from the current professional meta-game."
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    Written on June 28, 2017
    Bruce Simpson
    "Using Sona is definitely the best way to go. She offers so much utility and support that she would be considered a must-have for any group. Her varied gameplay means I was never bored and it was so much fun begin able to control the battlefield."
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    Written on April 3, 2017
    Michael Reid
    "Sneaking around invisibly, poisoning enemies, being a general nuisance, all of these are attributes of a Twitch player. In the right hands, Twitch can be an absolutely god-tier ADC, but this requires knowledge and skill of proper positioning and map awareness along with the vision to see where enemy champions roam."
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    Written on February 20, 2017
    Timothy Howard
    "Unfortunately with the current meta Jarvan isn't anywhere near as strong as he use to be. His main utility was being able to create a wall around an enemy champion or champions allowing him to beat on them senselessly while they couldn't escape to the safety of the team. Currently however, the majority of champions have skills that allow for them to easily dash outside of the wall once it is erected leaving Jarvan standing around with nothing to do."
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    Written on June 6, 2017
    Gregory Smith
    "A page describing a character from the League of Legends video game. The character is interesting and some one who plays the game would like this page."
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    Written on October 4, 2017
    Ann Carr
    "What most people don't realize is that Kennen is actually pretty mechanically intensive and requires a lot of ingame knowledge to be played correctly. He used to be a dominant pick a few times in the past, but that was almost exclusively in mid to high level play. Pros agree that he's borderline overpowered in teamfights, but he has a few hard counters (namely Lee Sin and Janna, their long distance knockbacks make his life hell). Running out of energy on him is also very punishing, because in order to replenish it he needs to chain combo targets all the time."
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    Written on September 29, 2017
    Yuan Li
    "Jax gives a gamer an opportunity to play by having many weapons yet choosing to use only a few. he also makes the game full of fun by attacking his opponent with their own weapon"
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    Written on August 10, 2017
    Carol Welch
    "Renekton is the best League of Legends champion of all. He was once the Shurima Empire's most esteemed warrior and deserves to be in the spotlight."
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    Written on May 18, 2017
    Frances Pierce
    "For me Aatrox - the Darkin Blade is the best League of Legends Champion. I love the way he looks and his special attacks. In particular I love to use blades of torment and massacre. He's a dark character...how could you not think he's one of the best?"
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    Written on September 24, 2017
    Kelly Garrett
    "I tried to like Teemo, but every time I play this character I lose. I would think that I am doing well, but last minute, the tables would turn and I would die a sudden death. Not the best champion"
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    Written on September 28, 2017
    Johnny Carr
    "Jayce may be useful in some situations, but he's not very good at a specific skill. He does melee or range, but neither well. I've used Jayce and could never beat players that picked characters that did range or melee, he just does both not well. It would be better if he was a bruiser with a single style of attack."
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    Written on October 22, 2017
    Jeremy Beck
    "I was looking into which LOL champion is the best, and this wiki article on Akali has shown me that this character is not the best. Because this character is difficult to use, the character won't help me win games. Also, because the character is a solo-mid, I cannot use this character for my play-style."
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    Written on October 22, 2017
    Sandra Stevens
    "Pretty cool game, first person, good graphics, loads quickly and doesnt take up very much memory. That said really great game, colors are vivid, alot of options, and fun, move quickly and silently, make sure you stay in the crowd, makes it alot easier to stop your enemies, try not to rewind if you can help it, its alot more fun to try to take down enemies without it."
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    Written on October 26, 2017
    Jessica Romero
    "Pantheon is definitely someone not to be reckoned with. He's strong, tough and lives up to the hype. But I've always wondered why he wears a mask but not pants. It's a very odd combo that always distracts me when I see him."
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    Written on August 30, 2017
    Laura Hanson
    "Malphite is a slow, but dependable character in League of Legends. He has excellent shielding abilities, which make it difficult for him to be injured in combat. He deals a high amount of attack damage as well. However, his spells are limited to combat, which means there is not much ability to do anything other than simply plow through your opponents. This might get tedious after a while for more imaginative players"
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    Written on April 4, 2017
    Peter Bennett
    "The Leauepedia description of Zed makes him seem pretty cool though I just wish there was more pictures of him on the site. He seems to have a really cool ninja background though his bio seems so short and vague. I think I would choose him in gameplay though scrolling through his abilities was pretty tedious trying to figure out if he's worth selecting as my character."
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    Written on May 25, 2017
    Richard Munoz
    "According to League of Legends Wiki, Kayle is a great character to have in your entourage as her abilities amplify your allies and their vision. I like using her because her attacks are probably one of the strongest especially against large crowds and even individuals. She's pretty quick on her feet and is quick with her attacks though her health levels are okay so I use her sparingly. Her bio on the League of Legends is pretty awesome because it outlines everything about her in a really stylish and easy to use format."
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    Written on August 11, 2017
    Alfredo del Ángel
    "Yorick is probably one of the cooler characters in League of Legends because of his backstory and his abilities during gameplay. He looks like a giant medieval gargoyle mixed with a warrior monk which is definitely a pretty cool aspect of his appearance. His health level is pretty strong compared to other characters thought what really make him stick out his that he can basically resurrect mist walkers to fight for him. The League of Legends website does a great job of explaining his background and his abilities pretty clearly."

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Best League of Legends champions
Rank Solutions Type Votes Price
1 Tristana - The Yordle Gunner Other 187 Paid
2 Thresh - The Chain Warden Other 161 Paid
3 Vayne - The Night Hunter Other 142 Paid
4 Janna - The Storm's Fury Other 128 Paid
5 Lee Sin - The Blind Monk Other 108 Paid
6 Malzahar - The Prophet of the Void Other 86 Paid
7 Soraka - The Starchild Other 74 Paid
8 Lucian - The Purifier Other 60 Paid
9 Sona - Maven of the Strings Other 46 Paid
10 Twitch - The Plague Rat Other 33 Paid

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