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What are the best macOS apps?

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    Olivia Alvarez
    Written on March 6, 2017
    "Nike has so many colors to choose from - not just very bright or dark colors. They have so much variety, I had trouble choosing just one."
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      Bruce Chapman
      Written on January 25, 2017
      "We all know that Mac graphics are considered the best, and favorites of designers. Now with Keynote, macOS user can create amazing presentations and work in real-time with remote colleagues to create the best presentations. Even PC users can participate, making Keynote the best tool for Mac."
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      Vincent Holland
      Written on January 6, 2017
      "I access email everywhere I go. I need to be on the go and have that functionality. With AirMail, I get all of that and a bit more. With features and a versatility few mail clients showcase, AirMail keeps me logged in and alert of all incoming mail across all my iOS devices."
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      Keith Patterson
      Written on October 4, 2017
      "I think this is technically where you will get the best macOS apps, however this solution is pretty terrible. Anyone who is searching for the best mac apps will know what Itunes is. A top 10 list of most useful apps would be better."
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      Jean Rice
      Written on July 13, 2017
      "I actually use Evernote on a daily basis! I like to write fanfiction often, and I also create my own recipes. Evernote allows me to create separate "notebooks" or sections, and lets me add different pages and notes in each notebook. It's really easy to use, and it helps me stay organized."
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      Jerry Lee
      Written on July 13, 2017
      "Seems like it would be a very useful tool for using with the mac and the best thing about it is it is free with the OS. Plus is seems to come with a lot of support and help incase you get a little lost doing something"
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      Kevin Elliott
      Written on August 18, 2017
      "Cleaning your phone and computer of useless junk folders and spam files is always important. And getting one of the best cleaners on your device is a must. I think CCleaner is that cleaner. CCleaner is one of the first apps I always install when I get a new phone, computer, or tablet. It's extremely simple to use, mostly with one-button programs. It cleans your junk files and monitors for the dangerous stuff, all without clouding your device with their own junk or ads or any of that annoying stuff. CCleaner is a must have."
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      Arthur Vasquez
      Written on March 23, 2017
      "The replacement for Photoshop is finally here! Pixelmator is the best way for artists to manipulate photographs and digital art. It has many tools for filters, brushes and other modifications to your art. Pixelmator is a game changer in the art universe. This program takes changing your artwork to the next level. Get Pixelmator today and take your art to the next level."
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      Daniel Mills
      Written on July 5, 2017
      "I have use this program for many years and does a great job. I have installed it on other peoples PC to get rid of virus, ... This program work, when others did not. I had the premium version,but let it run out. Thinking of buying it again."
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      David Carter
      Written on July 13, 2017
      "This is actually pretty useless. While I realize VLC player itself is great app and is available for macOS, the actual link provided here goes directly to the Google Play store page for the Android version of VLC, so I totally don't understand the logic behind giving me this solution."
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      Brittany Sanders
      Written on July 18, 2017
      "drop box is an absolutely amazing application. its sort of like google drive but you can share and collaborate on files and much much more. its affordable and the space you can have access to is huge. dropbox is one of a kind. i find it to not be glitchy. it never fails. a fantastic app all together."
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      Michelle Butler
      Written on January 22, 2017
      "When I purchased my Apple computer, I was eager to install new and exciting applications. Spotify doesn't disappoint! It is without a doubt the best online radio service that I have ever used. I love how I can find great playlists that perfectly match my mood, or make my own. There are also social sharing functions to share your great playlists amongst friends, family and coworkers."
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      Deborah Brewer
      Written on March 23, 2017
      "Siri seems to be incredibly helpful in organizing my day to day life. Using one app or program to organize meals, bookings, payments, and much more would really help my life stay balanced and open!"
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      Austin Lucas
      Written on October 4, 2017
      "It still boggles me how many people do not use Skype. It's the future for a bunch of different things. Not just personal but professional as well. For example we use Skype at work to conduct interviews. Even then I see how many people do not use Skype. Like I said Skype is going to be used a lot more in the coming days. It's time that everyone at least have it on hand for when you need it."
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      John Riley
      Written on October 4, 2017
      "In my experience I like to record to make music and personal videos. I have a Mac and really enjoy it. When I needed recording technology I sought out a program on Apple. Which ever Mac you have there is a QuickTime ready to be installed. If you don't have a Mac there is also a PC compatible QuickTime."
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      Heather Alexander
      Written on May 16, 2017
      "Audacity is a versatile program with many functions. It allows for sound editing, recording and advanced listening supporting many different audio formats. I have used Audacity for various tasks, including simple things like creating ringtones for my cellular phone."
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      Austin Medina
      Written on June 20, 2017
      "I am always on the go and need a browser that can keep me logged in at all times. While working on my laptop, desktop, or mobile phone I want to be able to pick up where I left off. Google Chrome does all of this as it saves information across any device I access the internet from."
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      Juan Henderson
      Written on October 4, 2017
      "PDF Expert performs all of the functions one would expect it to. I am able to edit PDF files as long as the text in the PDF is not hard-copied. I can change images with an easy-to-use interface. My only complaint is the $60 price-tag of this app. If you edit PDFs often, I could see the value, but for the average user it may very well not be worth the cost."
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      Gilberto Carbajal
      Written on June 20, 2017
      "I am really into graphic design with my computer , and especially with windows programs. I ran across this website Inkscape draw freely and it has the latest stable versions that are easy to get and you can install them in no time. Inkscape is a great tool for computer artists and almost anyone can learn very quickly , check it out!"
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      Walter Hart
      Written on May 28, 2017
      "There aren't too many photo programs that can come close to Photoshop. Enter GIMP, it's open source and free and has more than enough tools to almost be a Photoshop equal. It can be used by beginners but it's really for photo pros. It's one of the best free programs on the market."
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      Carolyn Dunn
      Written on May 30, 2017
      "Apple is generally very good at what they do. However iMovie doesn't live up to my expectations from Apple. There are many great macOS apps out there. This one is terrible."
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      Marilyn Wilson
      Written on August 15, 2017
      "I like this web site a lot. I trust Google because I know that they are a GREAT company. I love digital storage because it saves hard drive space on my computer and smart phone. Personally, I prefer digital storage services like Google Drive over external storage items that break or get lost. I trust that Google takes the right steps and invests time and money to stop hackers from getting into their files. This web site is simple and easy to use. Google drive eliminates the problem of having to use up all of the space on your computer/phone's hard drive to store pictures and movies."
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      Ethan Alexander
      Written on April 14, 2017
      "The app, while useful, seemed pretty basic. An app like this I would already expect to be on the OS of my phone and I'd probably rather use that instead of going through the trouble of getting another app."
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      Raymundo Meléndez
      Written on June 20, 2017
      "µTorrent used to be very good, but the latest versions seem very unoptimized. Everytime I try using it, it takes forever to load. I've been waiting a while now for the devs to fix it, but I've gone on with another BitTorrent client that is faster and open sourced. Closed source for something like this feels a little shady."
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      Xiang Qiao
      Written on March 18, 2017
      "There isn't a lot of software out there to protect iPeople from hackers. that's where macOS comes in. With more ID thieves harvesting all electronic devices that begin with a lowercase "i," macOS is the app you didn't know you were looking for."
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      Rafael Escobedo
      Written on February 21, 2017
      "Slack is a more professional alternative to the gaming-orientated voice server solutions such as Discord and Teamspeak. It has many tools that my team has found useful in our day-to-day work, and I'm glad I was recommended it by a coworker."
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      Ankita Rodrigues
      Written on October 4, 2017
      "GarageBand is an amazing software. It is just like having a professional sound system right at my fingertips. Whether you are a beginner or a semi-professional, I feel GarageBand will improve the quality of your work. I also like that I can choose different genres of music to enhance the sound (Latin, jazz) with the drum feature to give my music the desired sound. This upgraded version is great."
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      Bartender 2


      $15 - Free trial available

      Olivia Cooper
      Written on April 17, 2017
      "I'm really happy I got the app Bartender 2 to help clean up the clutter on my menu bar. There are several different configuration options so you can figure out exactly how you want things organized. Very useful app!"
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      William Day
      Written on October 4, 2017
      "Interesting all-in-one chat app, for Mac. I don't do a lot of chat on my PC anymore, but this one covers just about all the common providers, like AOL, Google, even ICQ, along with newer apps like Twitter and Live Journal Talk. Light weight app, small footprint, it do what it do!"
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      Kai Long
      Written on March 9, 2017
      "The solution The Unarchiver is an excellent solution. It is a free powerful file extraction product. Its basically an unarchiver as the name says so you will need another product to create compressed files. It does integrate directly with OS X Finder and will support various formats."
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      Bruce Campbell
      Written on October 4, 2017
      "Seems to be a free application to switch between different video formats. It has a small community supporting it. It also has a forum where you can chat with the devs and ask questions or give feedback. I wouldn't say it's one of the best macOS apps."
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      Crystal Shi
      Written on January 2, 2017
      "I have terrible eyesight and for people who have perfect vision, it's hard to explain what I go through on a day-to-day basis. My eyes make it hard for me to see near and far at times and it has a moderate sensitivity to light. Recently, Apple has added features that change the lighting on its software from day mode and night mode and it has made so much of a difference. F.lux does that same thing for Mac users who are sensitive to blue-light emitted from many computer software. I recommend this for anyone who has a sensitivity to computer light, bad eyesight or feel as though they want to do a better job of protecting their eyes."
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      Ann Webb
      Written on October 4, 2017
      "In my free time, I like to record music. Am I good at it? Oh, def not great but it is something fun and something I send to friends so they can tell me how bad I sing. I was looking for an app that let me record my vocals, didn't have to be perfect but Simple Recorder did the trick! It really is a simple recorder and let's be record from any source."
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      Albert Simmons
      Written on October 4, 2017
      "In have used Photoshop in many situations and many different versions. I must say that while it is definitely the "industry standard" it is also more complex than what many people need for their specific purposes. I once saw someone use Photoshop after spending a few hours learning the basic only to use it to do something they could have completed in Microsoft Paint."
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      Isabel Hernández
      Written on June 22, 2017
      "I'm having a hard time thinking of this product as the type of app I was looking for. It fits a very specific need that wouldn't really be something I'd be interested in. It is a macOS hardware product, and I guess I could consider it an app, but I think of apps more as the small programs you download onto your phone, ipad, etc."
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      Justin Lopez
      Written on February 23, 2017
      "Sublime is one of the most popular macOS apps. Sublime is one of the older programs although it has been updated over the years. It is generally recognized as fast and has a big community. However users do comment that Sublime works better with various plug ins. An alternative is Atom. Atom is free. So there is no license fee. Atom is open-source so users can make improvements by sending a request. Atom has built in web tech including HTML, JavaScript (CoffeeScript), CSS (LESS), and Node.js integration through Electron. Great for solving problems but causes potentially slow loading."
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      Frank Lin
      Written on March 14, 2018
      "I used Preview for viewing PDFs but switched to PDF Reader because its features. Mac Preview is really easy to use, but PDF Reader definitely has much more editing features. I personally recommend Kdan's PDF Reader."
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      Margarita Carrasco
      Written on January 10, 2018
      "Before I found the Elmedia Player, I was doomed to not having the pleasure of seeing the videos of my children that my husband sends me when I am away working. For whatever reason, he can not get his videos out of certain formats that will not play on most media players I have tried. Elmedia Player makes it possible for me to be able to play a video in a huge amount of formats that actually allows me to be able to see my kids when I am away! It makes me so happy!"

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    Best macOS apps
    Rank Solutions Type Votes Price
    1 Keynote Software 492 Free
    2 AirMail Apps 462 Paid
    3 iTunes Websites 443 Free
    4 Evernote Apps 440 Free
    5 Apple Mail Software 428 Free
    6 CCleaner Software 403 Free
    7 Pixelmator Apps 387 Paid
    8 Malwarebytes Software 376 Free
    9 VLC media player Software 362 Free
    10 Dropbox Apps 352 Paid

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