What are the best online collaboration tools?

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    Windows , Mac , Android , iOS

    Free - 30-Days free trial, varies by plan

    Written on January 27, 2017
    Kyle Mcdonald
    "I've used Dropbox for many years. It started as a simple cloud storage service and has evolved into a robust collaboration platform that can support a wide range of complex document applications, editing and sharing requirements for all levels of users. Great service."
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    Written on February 21, 2017
    Doris Horton
    "Slack looks like a inter-office messaging software, similar to Pidgin or Google Talk. Slack looks there are more ways to group contacts and also make direct calls to contacts."
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    Free - varies by plan

    Written on March 12, 2017
    Pete Waters
    "iCloud is and has been one of the best online collaboration tools out there. I have never had anything go wrong while I was using iCloud and I would recommend it to anyone. I think iCloud was well worth the time spent learning about what it can do."
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    Written on February 12, 2017
    Julie Rowe
    "Using Trello has been a great experience. They have a great majority of informational tools to help you get organized, and signing-up and getting started is simple. I recommend for anyone looking to work more collaboratively online."
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    Written on January 1, 2017
    Joyce Manning
    "Asana is a great way for teams to communicate and collaborate about projects. this is a nice solution to a difficult issue. I would encourage work teams to look into this platform as I found it very helpful"
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    $99 - per month for businesses | Free for teachers and students | 50% off for charities and non-profits

    Written on April 22, 2017
    Jennifer Carlson
    "A few years ago, in an effort to improve collaboration between the various members of my team, some of whom work remotely, I turned to Basecamp, as it had been highly recommended by some colleagues. The pricing was very reasonable, the software was intuitive and easy to learn, and offered an ample amount of tools to provide my team and myself with some flexibility. This was the first collaborative tool we had tried, and we all found it to be a good enough solution, that we never bothered trying another and we continue to use it."
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    varies by plan

    Written on January 21, 2017
    Curtis Warren
    "Podio is your go to for all things to organize and help with your workplace. it helps to close a lead, makes collaboration easy, helps attach files to much much more. Help make your workplace organization easier. Check out Podio. I can't tell you how much it has helped me. Whether you're completing a design project, or closing a sales lead - getting everything related to the job on one page, instantly makes collaboration easier. Attach files, view the status and add comments - everything's updated in real time."
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    Written on March 14, 2017
    Mike Mack
    "This is a very useful app. There are just three easy steps to get started. You create a room, share the link, and get started. I especially like that there is no download or registration."
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    Free - basic plan

    Written on January 28, 2017
    Glen Harrison
    "HipChat made it easy for me to handle my meetings and day to day routine from my office, my smartphone and my tablet! This software has doubled my productivity, never has it been so easy to get everyone on the same page before!"
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    varies by plan

    Written on January 25, 2017
    Jeanette Lawrence
    "Leankit has so many uses and it has really helped me stay organized and organize my work teams. if you need a tool for project management leankit is highly recommended"
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    Written on September 21, 2017
    Michael Olson
    "I work from home and with other people online. I am always looking for the best online collaboration tools. Last week I tried out Google Keep for the first time and what will likely also be my last. While it has potential. It doesn't quite have everything that I am looking for in an online collaboration tool. I was mainly put off by the highly unintuitive interface and clunky overall design."
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    Written on January 9, 2017
    Mathew Grant
    "This is great for anyone or company that deals with visual projects. IT speeds up turn around time. I wish there was something like this for projects that are not in the visual areas. It would be even better if you could take this same type platform and expand it into other areas."
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    Written on February 27, 2017
    Jessica Lane
    "Sometimes I want to communicate with my colleagues and team members on a project at work, but it's difficult when we are in different departments or one person isn't at work that day. Zendesk has made it extremely easy to communicate with my team members and relay information reliably and accurately."
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    Written on March 27, 2017
    Tammy Rutherford
    "As someone who is self-employed, and hires people to help with my work, I was looking for something that would help me keep track of the multiple projects I have on the go. Zoho lets me see how everyone is getting along on the project, and if there is a problem, someone can just comment and let everyone know what's up. The interface is easy to use and, whilst it can take a while to get to grips with, there's a lot of different useful functions that you can utilise to make sure everyone is up-to-date on everything."
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    Other Platform , iOS , Android

    $25 - /month. Free trial available.

    Written on May 6, 2017
    Gregory Medina
    "When our team decided to try Invision, you know there were skeptics. I mean, another online collaboration site? Well, we started with Invision on a Friday morning. Seamless and intuitive are the first words that come to mind. Everyone eased right into the platform and, before you could turn around, it was Happy Hour time! Yeah, Invision really did remove a lot of barriers to our collaborative work. Don't wait to check it out."


Best online collaboration tools
Rank Solutions Type Votes Price
1 Dropbox Software 389 Free
2 Slack Websites 296 Free
3 iCloud Software 291 Free
4 Trello Websites 276 Free
5 Asana Websites 223 Free
6 Basecamp Websites 201 Paid
7 Podio Websites 155 Paid
8 Appear.in Websites 150 Free
9 HipChat Software 145 Free
10 Leankit Websites 71 Paid