What are the best online multiplayer PC games?

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    Written on September 15, 2017
    Rakesh Singh
    "Playerunkown's Battlegrounds is ok. I'm not a huge FPS fan anyway, so this isn't really my genre, but it serves the ends of the genre pretty well. I have a hard time getting immersed in these games as well, but it seems like for people who really like FPSs, this should do the trick."
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    Written on March 24, 2017
    Teresa Carlson
    "Overwatch is probably one of the more popular games these days, and with good reason. Every character has their own storyline, allowing for hours of gameplay, and the huge map has enough varied locations and activities to keep you busy (in a good way!) for a long, long time. Definitely worth your time."
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    Written on July 3, 2017
    Gloria Myers
    "Borderlands: The Pre-Sequel is good if you like first person shooters with other people. The storyline is really interesting as well, you won't want to put the controller down."
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    Written on February 24, 2017
    Jorge Luis Escamilla
    "I am always looking for great online multiplayer games for PC. The best thing about gaming, in my opinion, is going up against other players as playing against the AI can get boring and repetitive after a while, and plus where is the challenge in facing a computer. Left 4 Dead 2 is a great game, but unfortunately, the community makes this game toxic. The vote kick function in the multiplayer mode made it near impossible to improve in this game. If you are a beginner and you are not performing up to par to your teammate's expectation they can just kick you from the campaign without any warning."
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    Written on September 15, 2017
    Joshua Hill
    "This has to be one of the most fun online multiplayer PC games out there right now! The gameplay is thrilling and there's always an endless stream of people to play with. Frankly, it's rather addictive as there is a lot of humor and competition to be found. Highly recommended!"
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    Written on April 30, 2017
    Henry Gilbert
    "I have played many of the online games out there. They all have their issues, minor bugs, and problems. Grand Theft Auto online does have it's minor problems, but in the end the good out weighs the bad. Fast paced, exciting, lots of in game items, weapons, and cars that are all full customizable. This game will drag you in and you will spend your hours buying all the custom pieces for your new fleet of cars. Great fun."
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    Written on October 4, 2017
    Betty Adams
    "Ah, nothing to write home about. The graphics need a lot of work and it's a little boring if you ask me. Not a game I am going to play again. This actually should be free or 99 cents. It's not worth what it's asking for. The only good note I can say on it is the face they have some pretty cars. Well...if they had better graphics they would be much nicer."
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    Written on March 6, 2017
    Samuel Russell
    "Borderlands 2 is an amazing multiplayer first person shooter game that is available across many platforms including pc. It has "overwhelmingly positive" reviews on Steam. It not only addresses the problem but it is one of the best solutions available."
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    Windows , Playstation 4 , Android , iOS , Nintendo 3DS , Nintendo Switch , Xbox One


    Written on September 15, 2017
    Ann Boyd
    "My kids are addicted to Minecraft. They especially love being able to play with each other on their tablets. They have so much fun creating in their own little worlds. I would have thought the images would be too pixelated for kids these days but they love it. They even ask for the minecraft themed toys in the store."
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    Written on June 2, 2017
    Jesse Contreras
    "I think this may be the best solution ever to my needs for an incredible online multiplayer game. Counter-Strike Global Offensive is the leader in kicking butt online. I loved trying all the cool weapons and shooting all the bad guys!!"
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    Battlefield 1

    Windows , Playstation 4 , Amazon

    $59.95 - (Standard Edition)

    Written on July 17, 2017
    Andrew Bryant
    "The 15th installment in the long running game series. This game can be played online by multiple players. It is action packed and allows you to go to war in historical settings. Choose from a variety of packages to make the game entertaining and fresh."
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    Written on September 15, 2017
    Roger King
    "I was searching for the best online multiplayer PC game, and one really stood out. I found a unique game named Terraria that allows you to customize weapon options, and it also brings some challenges in the form of final bosses."
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    Windows , PlayStation 4 , Xbox One

    $21.72 - Varies by version.

    Written on September 25, 2017
    Araceli Trejo
    "This game will suck you in for sure, it is so much fun! The graphics are really great and the battles are awesome! I like that you can be the hero team or the evil team also."
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    Written on October 5, 2017
    Mildred Curtis
    "I really like this game and have liked it since the 80/90's when I played in the arcade. I like that this is so allows you to play in different variations and that you can do multiplayer online which means you can play with your friends. Plus different languages, extra packages and more make this a real treat."
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    Written on February 28, 2017
    Justin Harris
    "Team Fortress 2 is a great online multiplayer game. It's garnered very positive reviews across the board and can be played both in the office and at home."
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    Written on April 28, 2017
    Linda Wong
    "Counter strike is a good option for a multiplayer online game. I really enjoyed the story lines and the more sophisticated themes."
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    Written on May 7, 2017
    Roy Simmons
    "finally, my own starships. I am so ready to explore the universe on the comfort of my own computer. What is not to like: video games, star ships, galaxies, space exploration."
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    Written on February 14, 2017
    Richard Lucas
    "If like me you love car racing games then the NFS is your pole position choice. With 5 different game modes and infinite car mods the Deluxe Edition will keep you coming back to improve every aspect of your virtual driving."
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    Written on September 15, 2017
    Carol Watson
    "The survival elements of this game are incredible and instinctual at the same time. What's not to love about an action-packed world full of dinosaurs? When you're not spending time trying not to get eaten you can create tribes with other players and even go to start wars with them all while hunting elusive sci-fi secrets giving you even more reason to keep playing. This is most definitely one of the best online multiplayer PC games and the new expansion is going to give the prehistoric world a more alien feel with new life forms, caves, and wing suits for traveling."
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    Written on May 9, 2017
    Maricela Cervantes
    "I have mixed feelings about this game. I don't really get into games that revolve around violence and weapons. I think it looks like a complex game and I would give it a try. I don't judge until I have actually tried it. It looks like it has a good interface and backstory to make a great RPG game for gamers. It is a good solution to the problem of online multiplayer PC games. It will add adventure back into gaming."
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    Written on September 30, 2017
    Jerry McDonald
    "I love the concept of this game, and agree it's one of the best online multiplayer PC games. It's a wide open environment, and from the massive "community" that's built up around it, many many other folks find it a blast and boom to engage their creativity as well. I'm in!"
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    Written on June 2, 2017
    Nicholas Curtis
    "Not really a multiplayer game. Two people can control the same car with two controllers, which seems like it would be really boring."
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    Written on May 15, 2017
    Martha Gray
    "This game is fun. It is fun the first time you play it and it is fun the fiftieth time you play it. I like being able to play the 3v3 with my friends. If friends aren't available, then I know I can find someone else to play against."
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    Written on March 15, 2017
    Marilyn Rice
    "This game was really fun for my friends and I. It worked well for all of us because it can be pretty much run by any computer whether its made for gaming or not!"
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    Written on October 1, 2017
    Aaron Berry
    "Every day, millions of players worldwide enter battle as one of over a hundred Dota heroes. And no matter if it's their 10th hour of play or 1,000th, there's always something new to discover. With regular updates that ensure a constant evolution of gameplay, features, and heroes. Very fun game with an active community"
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    Written on February 3, 2017
    Jeffrey Gonzalez
    "Ashes of Singularity is a very fun game that allows for combat between individual units. It offers the chance to cooperate on attacks with other units. Plus it's real-time, enabling instant action."
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    Written on April 15, 2017
    Jerry Cole
    "I think this is a strange solution to the problem. While it leads to an online multiplayer game, the platform is not clear nor is it a given that Dying Light is what the user is looking for. With that said, 60% off the enhanced edition is nice."
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    Written on March 19, 2017
    Alexander Curtis
    "Amazing game to play with friends if you're into the survival genre. Picked this up and its definitely taken over my week."
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    Written on September 15, 2017
    Brandon Lawrence
    "League of Legends keeps you engaged in the game. It has amazing graphics and makes sure that you know how legendary it is. You'll the head-to-head playing as well."
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    Written on April 2, 2017
    Jacob Lane
    "Fantastic, free-to-play MMO. It's a first person shooter, so that's pretty much your first level of 'do I want a FPS MMO or not?' If it sounds good to you then go for it. It's free, has solid mechanics and if you dislike it.. No big deal."
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    Written on January 23, 2017
    Ishan Pillai
    "I love online multiplayer games, we all know that we can beat the computer. So when a game has online multiplayer it adds another dimension to the game. The Warhammer series has been one of my favorite game series. I always look forward to the additions to the series. Warhammer 40,000: Regicide is another great entry into the series. The online multiplayer really shines in this game and the other players you get to play with will have you second guessing you're moves. If you're looking for a turn based strategy game that has online multiplayer then this is the game for you."
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    Written on September 28, 2017
    Justin Johnson
    "A computer capable of processing the graphics is required, but that's just because the visuals are so amazing. There is a tremendous amount to explore and get absorbed in. The user has so many options, this game is really for the imaginative, for those who like to put in some of their own flair into a game."
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    Written on September 15, 2017
    Emily Gu
    "A great game for single and multi-players to explore an outer space adventure. The best part of this game is that you can create your own story to uncover galactic mysteries or colonize uncharted planets. It encourages your mind to come up with strategies to find your way through this outer space adventure."
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    Written on January 23, 2017
    Christine Powell
    "I wanted a game to play with my friends and found this one. I am glad it uses the xbox controller, because I am use to gaming on a console more so than the pc. I love the graphics! The game control is spot-on. And I like the storyline. I have only played halfway through, but it has won me over big time!"
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    Written on January 23, 2017
    Elizabeth Delgado
    "Battlefield 4 is probably one of the best first person shooters there is. I've not played it, but I've watched it on Twitch.tv and it just looks amazing. I think you'll be happy with this game."
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    Written on April 3, 2017
    Vibhore Chauhan
    "Warhammer 40K: Freeblade is an awesome game that allows you to shoot quickly and strategize. You can play with friends, and you don't need to spend money to play. I spent about an hour on my phone it's so addicting!"
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    Arma 3


    $34.99 - Helicopters only in DLC

    Written on September 15, 2017
    Henry Hernandez
    "Arma 3 is a new, very realistic battlefield simulator. It features battlefieds from the Mediterranean island terrain. The fields are richly detailed and realistic. The sounds of the game make you feel the wartime experience. You can fight in jets or helicopters, in armored tanks or on foot. The multiplayer version of the game allows you to team up and defeat the enemy with the help of your friends in the Defend and Seize scenario."
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    Written on September 15, 2017
    Jack Patel
    "I'm a huge gamer so I always want to know what the best games are. I love playing online with people and I have found that Call Of Duty 4 is a really great game to do it with. It is very fun and engaging. It is like the other versions but better."
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    Written on September 15, 2017
    Teresa Williamson
    "I think this is an excellent solution to the topic. Dead by Daylight is fun, intense and really immerses the player in the game. I have a bunch of fun playing the killer in the game but working with friends to thwart the assassin is close to the same amount of fun. Not for the faint of heart for sure."
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    Written on September 15, 2017
    Timothy Phillips
    "I've put in some grueling but enjoyable hours in this game, and I like it. It is more complex than most, and it takes some time to set up your character, so being a great battle strategist, like myself, is a definite advantage. This game has only been around for a year or so, so it is still developing, and being a part of that action turns my crank. Check it out, you might like it."
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    Written on September 15, 2017
    Victoria Cordero
    "I loved this game, from the storyline, to the options available on how to play the co-op. This game might not be for everyone, as it has a very dark, vengeful theme."
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    Written on September 15, 2017
    John Chen
    "I found the use of the theater concept to design the levels somewhat interesting. I'm not much of a fan of platform games, but my cousins really seem to love playing this with me. There's a single player mode, but I haven't found it to be as fun."
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    Written on September 15, 2017
    Doris Chapman
    "This is a nice little co-op game. It's available on PC and console. You can play with up to three other friends as you battle to rescue the princesses. I've played it with my friends for about ten hours. There were many laughs and a lot of fun to be had!"
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    Written on September 15, 2017
    Joseph Pearson
    "Love this game. I play with multiple people online and we have a blast killing zombies and each other sometimes. There are so many ways and weapons to use in your killing sprees. Just make sure not to get bit."
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    Windows , Playstation 4 , Xbox One , iOS

    Free - Varies by plan

    Written on July 6, 2017
    Brandon Cruz
    "Fortnite is a new game, released only in July 2017, that certainly focused on multiplayer and online gameplay. If one wants to play one of the newer games on the market, this will definitely fit the bill, but it's a very specific link to a single game and doesn't give you options."
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    Written on October 6, 2017
    Samuel Washington
    "Do you remember the good days of 2D scrollers like Mario? I sure do, and this game definitely brings that fun back to the table before pumping it full of multiplayer goodness. Teeworlds is a fun PC-centric game that combines the teamwork and camaraderie together with the nostalgic feeling of the good old days. This is a fun game to play and with how many people you can play with, the outcomes are endless."
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    Written on May 8, 2017
    Eric Munoz
    "Hoping to find a good online multiplayer PC game to play with my brother, I ended up trying out a game called "Pit People". This game, while fun, doesn't have what I was looking for. I do like the co-op aspect of the game, but it feels like there's not much too do. If they added more things to the game, I could see it being one of my favorites."
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    Written on March 13, 2017
    Betty Mason
    "I was taking care of my sisters kids and their dad had went golfing but told them that them that they couldn't go with him. So I found Winning Putt: Golf Online, a multiplyer golf game for the kids to play. It was perfect because they got to golf and they had fun!"
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    Written on January 11, 2018
    Jeffrey Martin
    "Pixel Worlds is a sprawling collection of handcrafted sandbox worlds. You create an avatar before you're set loose to make your mark on the world, solo or with other friends you make along the way. However, in a world full of sandbox games trying to bank off of the ultra-successful Minecraft model, Pixel Worlds has to really bring something special to the table. Unfortunately it doesn’t really try anything new, and dis a lesser game for it"
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    Written on March 7, 2018
    Victoria Deng
    "The Jackbox Party Pack 3 is pretty fun if you're playing with a group friends, but gets stale rather quickly. It's definitely a collection of party games which might not suit everyone's "game taste". It's also not online, local multiplayer only, which stinks."
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Best online multiplayer PC games
Rank Solutions Type Votes Price
2 Overwatch Games 830 Paid
3 Borderlands: The Pre-Sequel Games 806 Paid
4 Left 4 Dead 2 Games 788 Paid
5 Rocket League Games 778 Paid
6 Grand Theft Auto V Games 755 Paid
7 Need for Speed Most Wanted Games 730 Paid
8 Borderlands 2 Games 720 Paid
9 Minecraft Games 698 Paid
10 Counter-Strike: Global Offensive Games 696 Paid

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