What are the best resources for anonymous browsing?

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    Written on February 28, 2017
    Eleanor Goodman
    "I use the Tor Browser so nobody can track me. I feel much more secure and safer when I use this. The government, or anyone else for that matter, does not need to know what I do on the internet."
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    Written on March 11, 2017
    Ann Harmon
    "I think that this is a decent browsing system. They provide great features that will be significant to the functions of the app. I also really like the in-app video portion because I enjoy watching videos. I enjoy using this app because I constantly check many of my confidential information such as medical sites and this proves this without breeze. This is awesome for people who value their privacy. The only suggestion that I would like is to have options for other languages. Right now, they only allow English and Swedish. Overall, a great app."
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    Written on March 1, 2017
    Stewart McNamara
    "A great solution for the thing most of us crave while surfing the internet for work or fun or just socializing...we all want more privacy, fewer ads, and fewer pop-ups!"
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    Written on February 6, 2017
    Scott Frazier
    "Its a big deal for me to stay anonymous online. I just don't want my previously visited websites turning up again in a different browsing session. This Tor browser is a perfect resource for anonymous browsing because it lets me to use Tor on Windows, Mac OS X, or Linux without needing to install any software and is portable."
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    Written on March 12, 2017
    Joyce Manning
    "Checking out this page is a must if you are worried about your privacy on the web. I was so sick of surfing a website, and then getting tons of spam about every topic I looked up. Plus, with all the things people can do on the web today there is no privacy anymore. Very informational, and it is kind of scary the way companies can get so much information about you, so it's worth a look at how to surf the web anonymously."
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    Written on March 26, 2017
    Mickey Bates
    "This is a great concept for browsing anonymously but, I fell that an app is not a good summary of excellent programs available in other means of media."
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    Written on February 27, 2017
    Connie Peters
    "Epic Privacy Browser seems to be a great resource for blocking anyone or thing that maybe tracking you online. While many, if not most of us, are regular ordinary internet users we still hate the thought that someone is following our every move to figure out how and what to sell us. You also have the websites that are, well, embarrassing to be caught viewing if your mom happens along. On this website it offers solutions as well as programs to prevent this type of thing happening. There is plenty of information about who and what they are as well as how they have been reviewed."
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    Written on February 7, 2017
    Jeremy Davidson
    "Fast and smooth, this browser works way better than Chrome does and it is also available for Linux Mint it's about the best browser I have seen. It is a very fast and quick, unlike Firefox. Regarding anonymous browsing, it still does have you sign in to all the sites so I'm not too sure how effective this really is."
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    Written on September 28, 2017
    Elizabeth Campbell
    "Tired of companies being able to track what you are doing online? This is a solid solution for browsing without leaving your fingerprints everywhere. No more "suggestions" from companies for something you have previously viewed coming back to you."
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    Written on April 17, 2017
    Johnny Gomez
    "The solution explains what a "free anonymous proxy" is to the layman. It also explains that many of the major streaming portals, as well as the major social networks, are accessible through this."
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    Written on November 6, 2017
    Austin Beck
    "A little complicated and maybe overkill when it comes to VPN style things, but it's passable. Honestly I'd just suggest Tunnel Bear for its ease of use and support."
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    Written on November 9, 2017
    Laura Brewer
    "If you're looking for a different Android browser, this one is good. It's similar to Firefox, which is my favorite desktop browser, but it offers more privacy. It does have some issues, such as not being able to screenshot, but it's alright."

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Best resources for anonymous browsing
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1 Hotspot Shield Software 312 Paid
2 Dragon Internet Browser Software 248 Free
3 How to Browse the Web Anonymously Websites 170 Free
4 How to use Tor Browser Websites 139 Free
5 InBrowser - Incognito Browsing Apps 69 Free
6 Privoxy Software 59 Free
7 Tor Browser Software 51 Free
8 Anonymous on the Web: The Basics Websites 30 Free
9 Ghostery Privacy Browser Apps 26 Free
10 Epic Privacy Browser Software 24 Free