What are the best resources for doing yoga?

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    Written on January 6, 2017
    Andrew McDonald
    "I could never get my self to do yoga, I always felt as though I could never find the right yoga sequence for my level of skill (beginner) and my needs. Then I read this book/guide and It made it so easy to find the right Yoga sequences for me! I can totally see why they call it the Yoga bible"
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    Written on February 1, 2017
    Keith Pena
    "I was not expecting to see an app as a resource for yoga but I think it is fine. Also, why ITunes, why not Google Play?"
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    Written on January 29, 2017
    David Bates
    "I wanted to get into yoga and needed to find some solid resources for learning everything. I came across Yoga.com, and as the name implies, it is a solid resource for learning yoga and becoming part of an overall community. I have really enjoyed using this website as it provides a great amount of resources. I highly recommend this website for anyone interested in yoga!"
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    Written on February 22, 2017
    Bruce Hart
    "I've been looking to improve my overall health and well-being this year, and have downloaded a bunch of apps that promise to assist me in this goal. The best and most useful I've found is MINDBODY, an app that lets you make appointments for yoga, massage, pilates and more."
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    Written on January 19, 2017
    Ronald Jacobs
    "It's a great app for those that think they never have any time for yoga. Clear instructions, multiple skill levels and a very helpful on screen instructor make it easy for anyone to get into the exercise. I especially liked that you can take your time and don't need to rush. Definitely get this."
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    Written on January 1, 2017
    Brian Douglas
    "I didn't find this guide too helpful. It is geared toward a heavier female demographic and as a slim man I didn't identify much with it. I also want to do yoga to relieve lower back pain and I didn't see anything about that, or even about basic yoga poses. I found it to be more of a mentality guide than a practical yoga guide."
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    Yoga Anytime

    Free - 15-Day Free Trial. Varies by plan.

    Written on March 21, 2017
    Mary Palmer
    "This is great!! I love exercising in my own home and yoga is relaxing at best. It helps to really get in tune with your own body thru stretching and breathing techniques. I love being able to get online or stream thru tv a great program and this looks to be just that! I would def recommend this to friends or family and purchase it on my own to do at home."
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    Written on April 1, 2017
    Jack Johnson
    "Teaching Yoga: Essential Foundations and Techniques is designed for those looking to instruct others in the ways of Yoga. All the basics are covered and more for becoming a yoga master so it's a must have if your a fan of yoga."
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    Written on April 19, 2017
    Olivia Elliott
    "Yoga Anatomy is a great yoga resource. It goes in-depth on why certain poses work, what they benefit, and the principles behind them. I just started yoga, so this book is valuable to me."
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    Written on March 6, 2017
    Sara Peters
    "Everyone's heard about yoga and how good for you it is by now. I've been hearing about it for a long time and wanted to get into it, but I didn't know where to start. Then I found this app. Daily Yoga makes it so easy. All I had to do was follow the instructions, and there was even a community to join if I felt like I wanted socializing or support about it. Daily Yoga made me able to calm my mind and body at home, and that's just what I needed."
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    Written on March 7, 2017
    Edward Ellis
    "DoYogaWithMe provides streaming video for people to mimic and follow along with the poses. There are hundreds of videos free of charge and the collection is growing daily."
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    Written on March 27, 2017
    Jerry Gonzales
    "GOOGLE PLAY BEST APPS OF 2016. This explains a lot. I would check this app even I am not a beginner in yoga."
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    Written on February 6, 2017
    Donald Little
    "I have been interested in trying Yoga for quite some time. I have no real experience with it so I have not known where to begin. Adriene's really helped me get into it and enjoy Yoga. Thanks Adriene!!!"
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    Written on January 11, 2017
    Steven Carr
    "The Yoga Practice playlist is a great free video series that will get you started with yoga in a few minutes. You can pick a quick routine from the list or follow in order to learn more about different yoga poses that may work for you."
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    Written on August 4, 2017
    Barbara Cooper
    "I really like that it gives real easy examples for those just starting out in yoga. There is really easy instructions to help me get started and learn the basics at my own pace."
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    Written on March 22, 2017
    Sarah Garza
    "This is a decent solution if you need a resource but I would have liked something more creative. It does solve the problem, but a simple search on youtube would've provided me with similar results and is fairly low effort. I feel like if I had this problem I would want a resource that I could keep going back to, like a comprehensive blog site that had videos coming out consistently and more step by step tutorials and written descriptions for doing moves, maybe even with a beginner's or getting started guide."
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    Written on March 16, 2017
    Timothy Aguilar
    "I was looking for resources for starting up yoga and came across Rodney Yee's Complete Yoga for Beginner's tapes. I bought these on Amazon and started watching them and they were so incredibly helpful. I would highly recommend these tapes to anyone wanting to start doing yoga, they cover everything you need to know and make the start so easy!"
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    Written on March 20, 2017
    James McDonald
    "I've been trying to get into yoga lately, but wasn't quite sure where to turn for resources. I tried youtube, but all the videos on there don't seem very legit. Then I came here for a solution and was given Myfreeyoga.com. It worked great for me because they take you through every level of yoga, and being a beginner, that made me feel a lot more comfortable. This solution is working well for me."
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    Written on June 16, 2017
    Lawrence Chavez
    "The 10 minute class provided in the Stress relief video is a quick routine you can perform at any time. It's a session with poses aimed at clearing your mind and making you feel better. You can do it when you are stressed out, when you get up or when you need a bit of time away for yourself."
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    Written on February 10, 2017
    Ralph Rice
    "This is actually pretty cool. My wife wanted to try yoga and decided we could do it together. Of course she didn't consult me on that decision. I begrudgingly accepted and we tried Brett Larkin. I actually loved the channel. Some "beginner" classes assume that you can already twist yourself into a pretzel but not this one. They teach you from the ground up which lessons the frustration of learning greatly. Great workout. I highly recommend this channel."
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    Free - 15 days free trial. $18/month unlimited.

    Written on March 26, 2017
    Thomas Weaver
    "It's like a yoga class right on my phone or tablet. I can choose from classes to either take it easy for a day or to push myself. The convenience of being able to do this in my living room and not wasting 25 minutes on the road just to get to my yoga class, makes me able to do more yoga. And the price is great too, I can get access for a month for less money than one class."
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    Written on August 8, 2017
    Jacob Patel
    "Good Night Yoga did a nice job solving my problems with finding yoga-related resources for the whole family. It's great for younger kids and has really calming and pleasant pictures. It's not really a technical resource for the more experienced practitioner, but rather, a good way to engage one's family in getting started with basic concepts and ideas related to yoga."
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    Written on June 29, 2017
    Katherine Nichols
    "I've always found dreams to be fascinating, and this books is the perfect way to enhance my experience in ways I'd never thought possible. As an avid practitioner of both yoga and meditation, the book made it easy to incorporate techniques I was already familiar with and apply them to my sleeping habits."


Best resources for doing yoga
Rank Solutions Type Votes Price
1 The Yoga Bible E-books 337 Paid
2 Pocket Yoga Apps 301 Paid
3 Yoga.com Apps 288 Paid
4 MINDBODY - Book Fitness Classes, Yoga and Wellness Apps 285 Free
5 Down Dog: Great Yoga Anywhere Apps 266 Free
6 Beginner Yoga FAQs Websites 245 Free
7 Yoga Anytime Courses 231 Free
8 Teaching Yoga: Essential Foundations and Techniques E-books 214 Paid
9 Yoga Anatomy E-books 203 Paid
10 Daily Yoga Apps 195 Free