What are the best resources for making your computer run faster?

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    Written on April 24, 2017
    Jack Bonetta
    "Malway-Bytes is one of the programs that I install whenever I'm setting up a new computer. I've used it for as long as I can remember, and I've never had any problems with it."
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    Revo Uninstaller


    Free - $69.25

    Written on January 21, 2017
    Mike Mack
    "Revo Uninstaller is a great tool to have, if you want your computer to be in tip top shape. The free version would probably fulfill most peoples everyday needs, but I decided to purchase the Pro version, because of the features offered. I love that you can easily backup your files so quickly and that it monitors in real time any changes made to your system. I think this is a great investment if you care about the health and reliability of your computer."
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    Written on April 17, 2017
    Deborah Ellis
    "This program/system allows you to have a beautifully run computer without having to be a computer professional. I applied this to my work computer and loved it so much, I installed it on my home computer as well. Just as good as having an IT guy at home!"
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    Written on October 6, 2017
    Ronald Davis
    "I had a problem with too many programs installing themselves to boot at startup on my Windows PC, and I installed Starter. It helped me figure out which ones were most important for me to run everytime, because some of the programs I don't even use everyday, definitely not enough to warrant being run all the time. Now my startup is running much smoother."
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    Written on February 2, 2017
    Gordie Wang
    "Quick, easy and simple. Defraggler does a great job at speeding up your bogged down PC. It's straight and to the point. There aren't any frills about it, and it does a good job for what it's intended to do."
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    Written on October 3, 2017
    Steven Rivera
    "There are a lot of different reasons why your computer might be running slow. I was having this problem and decided to try out ZSoft Unninstaller to get help with figuring out what was wrong. After removing a lot of unwanted files and processes my computer runs great now."
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    Written on April 9, 2017
    Sharon Williams
    "This is a really good solution as it helps with my computer operating better. I would absolutely use this to help fix my PC and get it to where I want."
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    Written on May 25, 2017
    Rita Daniels
    "Techddictive's guide for disabling startup programs is moderately helpful for making startup processes faster, but it would have helped if he used a better recording software. The video itself had a low enough frame rate that it was a bit uncomfortable to watch. Even so, it provided a nice step-by-step guide for reducing the number of programs that automatically open on startup."
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    Written on February 17, 2017
    Glen Harrison
    "Thank you for the solution! My computer has been running really slow for the past few weeks and I didn't know why. I did this and it's actually like two times faster."
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    Written on March 6, 2017
    Franklin Andrews
    "I used the tips provided by WiredImpact.com, on how to make my computer run faster. It was taking forever for my computer to load and I was getting random crashes and freezes. The tips that were provided to me through the website greatly reduced both of my problems. I think they provide a great service if you are having issues with your computer crashing or random slow downs."
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    Written on May 7, 2017
    Debbie Wolfe
    "My computer was getting really slow and I was running out of space but this Youtube video was great in helping me learn how to clean up temporary files that my computer makes. It's crazy how many files you can build up over time."
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    Written on April 12, 2017
    Jackie Riley
    "I tried the methods listed in the article and the only thing that helped was to stop a couple programs from launching on startup. This article is really just for freeing up disc space and NOT making your pc run faster. I wouldn't suggest wasting your time if a faster pc is what you're after."
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    Written on May 6, 2017
    Tiffany Carlson
    "My computer was lagging and freezing way more than when I originally got it. I started searching online and I found this article to be very helpful. I am a laymen when it comes to computers and this was 4 easy things that definitely helped my computer run more smoothly. I wouldn't have thought to do these things and looking further it seems that these are the easiest and simplest solutions and really fixed the reason my computer was getting slower."
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    Written on September 26, 2017
    Carl Garrett
    "CCleaner is a program I use at least once a week. It's a "must have" staple part of my PC maintenance arsenal. One of those pieces of software that has emerged as indispensable. It is somewhat irritating to have to save certain information every time I use it (before it executes) but it's a small price to pay to have a smooth running PC. What else can I say? I wouldn't know what to do without it!"
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    Written on September 20, 2017
    Alan Harper
    "Lately, my computer has been running slower than usual. So I was interested in finding a solution to try to make my computer run faster. I tried this open source software called Bleachbit, which was supposed to clean my system and free up disk space. Unfortunately, I am not seeing any improvements in performance speed for my PC."
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    Written on September 28, 2017
    James Aguilar
    "These days I am paranoid of what is on my PC, either what I download or by accident. If you want to protect you privacy, then PrivaZer is a cleaning and privacy program for you. PrivaZer removes and overwrites your traces to leave a clean PC that is safe from prying eyes. PrivaZer is free to download and you can make a donation if you like it. You will gain both storage space and peace of mind with PrivaZer."
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    AVG TuneUp

    Windows , Mac , Android

    $49.99 - year. Free Trial Available.

    Written on September 20, 2017
    Timothy Robertson
    "Ugh! If you're like me, you've occasionally had cause to wonder why that computer that ran so great when you first got it seems like a completely different computer than the one you're using now. "Windows rot" is real - all computers slow down over time, and there are solutions. But unfortunately, this is NOT one of them. This software was literally worse than useless - it actually made my startup time LONGER than it was before, because it ran at startup. Sure, it deleted a few things and cleaned a few things, but nothing that the excellent Piriform CCleaner didn't do better and faster. Pass!"
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    Written on September 24, 2017
    Frank Brooks
    "If you have a slow PC that tends to crash at the wrong moments then you need System Mechanic to clean out the clutter and bloat to get it working like new. Takes care of the bloat and unnecessary files that slow your PC down."

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Best resources for making your computer run faster
Rank Solutions Type Votes Price
1 Soluto Software 262 Free
2 Glary Utilities Software 238 Free
3 Duplicate Cleaner Software 229 Free
4 Malware-Bytes Anti-Malware Software 214 Paid
5 Revo Uninstaller Software 199 Free
6 AutoRuns Software 178 Free
7 Starter Software 163 Free
8 Defraggler Software 149 Free
9 ZSoft Unninstaller Software 133 Free
10 System Ninja Software 122 Free