What are the best resources for Minecraft seeds?

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    Written on January 15, 2017
    Stephen Nichols
    "The site gives a fairly comprehensive list of Minecraft seeds. Since I have been looking for Minecraft seeds focused on dungeons, I was able to find some seeds featuring dungeons pretty easily using this site."
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    Written on January 9, 2017
    Warren Lewis
    "This is a great place to find Minecraft seeds! I like how they show featured seeds at the top, as often I just find something I like right there instead of having to look at all the options. I think Minecraft seeds can make Minecraft even more fun! :)"
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    Written on April 29, 2017
    Evelyn Sims
    "I would like to review this product, but sadly every time I tried to get it to pull up it said the site could not be reached. That impacts me negatively because I don't have high hopes this product would work at all, it's supposed to be a resource page but if it never loads, how can I ever use it? I'm very bored with this already."
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    Written on April 16, 2017
    Amanda Wheeler
    "While I like that this is updated daily and I like that it has the option to allow me to choose between a variety of different types of seeds; it doesn't give me any information about the seed, besides the name and a picture. I do like that it has pictures, but there's no descriptions to tell me whether this is a good seed, what it has to offer, to convince me to install."
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    Written on May 19, 2017
    Mildred Weber
    "While this is nice place to look for seeds; and to get an idea of what others think is a good seed to install. I would prefer a top 10 Seed list with information about each seed and a rating system that would allow me to understand how useful the user found the seed and an option to put input about the specific seed I'm looking for; and I would have to wait for responses back from reddit users."
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    Written on January 2, 2017
    Amrish Ilyas
    "This site is exactly what i needed to find out how to find a minecraft seed. Not only that, but it also showed me several seeds that i cant wait to play in the future. Great find."
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    Written on February 27, 2017
    Karla Gomez-Lee
    "The Minecraft PE world generator uses sets of letters and numbers called "seeds" to build the world that you play in. These random seeds are what create the random worlds, but entering a specific seed will allow you to explore the exact same world as anyone else who uses that same seed. You can find seeds on virtually any Minecraft PE fansite or forum, giving you countless unique worlds to explore."

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Best resources for Minecraft seeds
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2 Minecraft Forum Websites 107 Paid
3 Minecraft Seeds - List of the Best Seeds for Minecraft Websites 98 Free
4 MinecraftSeeds Websites 78 Free
5 Minecraft Hub Websites 72 Free
6 Minecraft PE seeds Websites 63 Free
7 MinecraftSeeds.us Websites 51 Free
8 Minecraft Seeds - Reddit Websites 35 Free
9 How to Find Unique Seeds on Minecraft Websites 28 Free
10 How to Use Seeds in Minecraft PE Websites 20 Free