What are the best resources to get Instagram Likes?

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    Written on July 21, 2017
    Julie Snyder
    "These services have been useful for me in gaining new followers using the "bulk" option, I really felt safe with the transaction as no password was necessary at any point. A feature I'm also looking into now is the manual liking, being able to pick where the photo likes go sounds appealing."
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    Super Liker for Instagram


    Free - with in-app purchases

    Written on April 28, 2017
    Lori Howell
    "Get more likes by using this app. Says it's magic, but we will see. If you are one of those people who needs likes, then give this a try."
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    Written on February 6, 2017
    Henry Silva
    "Hyyyyype. Exactly what this page made me feel. If you want more instagram likes you need to try Hypez. It's stupid easy how easily you can boost your numbers using this, and it's really easy to follow to. Literally takes 2 steps, you go on the site, click the big "buy likes" buttons, and bam you just choose which one you want. Literally got 2500 likes about 2 hours later, usually instant but they were delayed so it took longer. Decided to buy 3 more and now I'm up 7,500 more likes on my post. The cool thing is, since you get so many new likes, word is spread around to other's and it's easier getting your posts seen so you get more than you paid for. The pricing is super cheap too, probably will end up getting a few more of these. It also boosts your follower count too since your post gets so much attention, did I mention you can also buy followers too? Might have used a few of those..... thanks. This solution is dope."
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    Written on January 30, 2017
    Bruce Coleman
    "I think "Likes for Instagram" is great for newer users, like myself, who are still learning their ways around the social media world. It provides real useful tips as well as making the idea of raising your Instagram followers and likes quite easy."
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    Written on June 18, 2017
    Patricia Alvarez
    "This app is awesome! I'm new to Instagram and am using it to boost my business page. This app allows you to increase your following tremendously! There are a few rules that you must follow to increase your followers but it is overall very easy and resourceful."
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    Written on August 14, 2017
    Kelly Lee
    "I'm getting into the social media craze, so I want to promote my Instagram profile by getting lots of likes. I grabbed this app to try to capture on this and get more likes. This app seems to do just that. It helps with tags, captions, and comments too."
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    Written on February 14, 2017
    Beverly Aguilar
    "In order to get attention on instagram, you need to be on the top for a while. Like with any social network, this means getting attention. With this app, you can get all the attention you need...if you're willing to have most of those likes be fake, and have to pay for them anyway. I can't recommend it."
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    Written on May 8, 2017
    Jonathan Welch
    "I've recently gotten more involved in Instagram, but did not have a large audience to view my posts until after I used the Free Likes & Views app. The app does exactly as it says and I've had success with many of the unique tags provided that I would have otherwise not thought of."
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    Royal Likes for Instagram


    Free - with in-app purchases

    Written on January 24, 2017
    Jeremy Bryant
    "Slow, buggy and pulls in a lot of inactive followers. The app also would go down for hours at a time and even when it came back up, it didn't work properly. The developers obviously have some issues and I would recommend staying away until they have an app that actually works as intended."
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    Written on June 24, 2017
    Eugene Clark
    "Very helpful tool to help you analyze your numbers on Instagram. Can help you learn the best times to post things, best hashtags, and the preferences of your audience. No literal tips on getting more likes unfortunately but good."
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    Written on January 17, 2017
    Brittany McCoy
    "Just opened that new shop and posting cute pictures of your baby in your product daily? Is it just not getting enough likes and views because you have only your grandma and college best friend added on Instagram? Have you then decided to go add thousands of people, but want an even follow/followed amount? Then check out Followers for Instagram! Easily access new followers and see the mean ones who just tried to get a like only to unfollow you immediately."
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    Written on October 9, 2017
    Andrew Ford
    "I was looking for a good resource to get increased instagram likes and I found the website How to Get More Likes on Your Instragram Photos. This website was very helpful and very intuitive. It seemed to really tell me some good easy strategies to use and that was helpful. I recommend this site to anyone looking for increase instragram exposure."
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    Written on August 31, 2017
    "Downloaded this app to see who were unfollowing me & blocking me without me knowing. I also use it for the secret admirers option as well. Been making great music for quite sometime now but hasn't been getting the right recognition for it. The app shows me all the celebrities that watch my profile thru the secret admirers option. I have everybody there from Meek Mill to Offset Birdman Island Records & Universal Records. Just let's me know i'm doing something right. Keep this comment in the archive I might be "BIG" someday. I recommend this app to anyone looking for positive results. -Stonez"
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    Written on June 30, 2017
    John Jimenez
    "I wouldn't download or recommend the Plann app because it requires too many permissions which are not necessary to perform the function of planning and scheduling Instagram posts on your Instagram account. Also, while the app itself is "free" to download - there are in purchases in app which cost from $4 to $27. I don't like to download apps that require lots of permissions - nor would I download an app that cost money or has in-app purchases."
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    Written on May 4, 2017
    Roy Meyer
    "I downloaded Preview because I wanted to step up my Instagram game. And guess what? It worked! I received so many more likes when I started to schedule my posts, re-did my captions, and started to add relevant tags. If you take Instagram seriously download Preview!"
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    Written on July 1, 2017
    Joseph Carr
    "I would check the ScheduGram website to see if scheduling posts on Instagram could get me more likes. If the descriptions suggests it would help I would start using the service."
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    Written on June 2, 2017
    Andrea Silva
    "Building a business really requires a good social media presence these days. One of the most popular ways is through Instagram, and it can be time-consuming to find resources to get more Instagram likes. Boostgram can really help with that in the most easy and time-saving way. All you do is click, click, click and BAM, you'll have more followers and thus, more likes. There's nothing to download, nothing to install. It's SO easy that it begs the question - why haven't you done it yet?!"
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    Written on June 25, 2017
    Philip Garrett
    "I wanted to increase my brand on social media, so I downloaded Postcron. Within minutes I was able to schedule all my posts without spending too much time on just that. I was immediately seeing an increase in popularity and views on what I had sent out online."
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    Written on May 15, 2017
    Susan Peterson
    "CoinCrack can help get your Instagram account to the top of the feed with so many likes it isn't funny. They are in the business to make you look like the world is taking notice of every adorable, funny, inspiring picture you post for the world to see. There is a small fee involved for like your pictures, but it is reasonable."

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Best resources to get Instagram Likes
Rank Solutions Type Votes Price
1 InstaSwift Websites 341 Paid
2 Super Liker for Instagram Apps 313 Free
3 Hypez Websites 289 Paid
4 Likes for Instagram Apps 276 Free
5 InstaTags Apps 254 Free
6 Magic Tags to Get Likes for Instagram Apps 233 Free
7 Get Instant likes Apps 212 Free
8 Free Likes & Views Apps 209 Free
9 Royal Likes for Instagram Apps 184 Free
10 Simply Measured Software 167 Paid