What are the best resources to get Instagram Likes?

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    Written on July 21, 2017
    Julie Snyder
    "These services have been useful for me in gaining new followers using the "bulk" option, I really felt safe with the transaction as no password was necessary at any point. A feature I'm also looking into now is the manual liking, being able to pick where the photo likes go sounds appealing."
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    Super Liker for Instagram


    Free - with in-app purchases

    Written on September 6, 2017
    "Why is it not allowed in the U.S.?"
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    Written on February 6, 2017
    Henry Silva
    "Hyyyyype. Exactly what this page made me feel. If you want more instagram likes you need to try Hypez. It's stupid easy how easily you can boost your numbers using this, and it's really easy to follow to. Literally takes 2 steps, you go on the site, click the big "buy likes" buttons, and bam you just choose which one you want. Literally got 2500 likes about 2 hours later, usually instant but they were delayed so it took longer. Decided to buy 3 more and now I'm up 7,500 more likes on my post. The cool thing is, since you get so many new likes, word is spread around to other's and it's easier getting your posts seen so you get more than you paid for. The pricing is super cheap too, probably will end up getting a few more of these. It also boosts your follower count too since your post gets so much attention, did I mention you can also buy followers too? Might have used a few of those..... thanks. This solution is dope."

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Best resources to get Instagram Likes
Rank Solutions Type Votes Price
1 InstaSwift Websites 344 Paid
2 Super Liker for Instagram Apps 325 Free
3 Hypez Websites 289 Paid
4 Likes for Instagram Apps 279 Free
5 InstaTags Apps 256 Free
6 Magic Tags to Get Likes for Instagram Apps 234 Free
7 Get Instant likes Apps 212 Free
8 Free Likes & Views Apps 209 Free
9 Royal Likes for Instagram Apps 184 Free
10 Simply Measured Software 167 Paid