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What are the best shooting games ?

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    Battlefield 1

    Windows , Playstation 4

    $59.95 - (Standard Edition)

    Written on June 6, 2017
    Keith Jimenez
    "I have recently been playing FPS games with my sons. We like Call of Duty and Halo. It is a fun stress reliever where we either work together or fight against one another. My preference is local multiplayer and since Battlefield 1 does not appear to have that, I would probably not purchase. I looked at the reviews on Amazon and they were not great. I am not certain why with all of the FPS available, Battlefield 1 was chosen. Seems like there are much better options. Ultimately, this would not be a good choice for me."
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    Written on September 29, 2017
    Melissa Scott
    "Team Fortress 2: Mann vs. Machine is my favorite game to play when I feel like just "shooting it up". I'm able to connect with other gamers and just free range my targeting skills while enjoying a graphically unique, fun first-person shooter."
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    Written on May 7, 2017
    Ashley Payne
    "While some people (they're special) may claim that Modern Warfare 3 is the best shooting game, I got news for you friend. It is not. Black ops II is the creme de le creme of shooters. And while I say that, MW3 is not that bad in and of itself either, but it's not THE best. Merely great."
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    Written on September 29, 2017
    Matthew Matthews
    "Honestly this game is awesome, I bought it on a whim not knowing about the hype and I loved it. Genji the ninja is freaking bad ass and my favorite character by far!"
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    Written on September 29, 2017
    Sharon Cook
    "If you like other Call of Duty games, then you will enjoy this one. I like the story line in the campaign. I like that it is different in that it is set in space which makes it unique compared to other Call of Duty games. The multiplayer mode is not as good as in other COD games."
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    Written on September 29, 2017
    Joe Gray
    "Black Ops III did a lot to improve on past titles by adding a slew of new weapons, maps and more. It is a prime example of how a video game can be developed perfectly and released to a fan base that expects a lot out of it. The game play is solid and the graphics are top notch."
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    Written on September 29, 2017
    Ashley Ross
    "I love shooter games and this is such an iconic game. I like that it has both single player and multiplayer options. I like the multiplayer options because I like to play with my friends and talk smack lol. Compared to other versions of this game I find that this one gives you the most freedom to customize your choices."
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    Call of Duty: Black Ops II


    $29.99 - $34.99 Deluxe Edition

    Written on June 2, 2017
    Janice Freeman
    "Blops2 is the epitome of shooter games. This game brought in a generation of FPS fanatics and helped pave the road for every shooter to come after it. While many others claim the Modern Warfare 1 or 2 are the best COD games, I tell you, dear reader, that this... This is the best COD game."
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    Written on September 29, 2017
    Margaret Peters
    "Bioshock is a really good adventure FPS shooter. But I wouldn't call it the best shooting game for sure. That def. belongs to the COD series, but this series definitely has a better story and general atmosphere. Just not the best shooting."
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    Written on September 29, 2017
    Amber Gray
    "The CoD franchise has been great since its first release, but Advanced Warfare takes the cake. It still uses traditional CoD mechanics, but new maps, weapons, and classes take it to a whole new level. This is one of the best shooters on the market as of now (both game play and content wise)"
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    Written on May 8, 2017
    Douglas Barnett
    "First person shooters are my favorite genre of video games. I am always looking for the best multiplayer experience and have yet to find one that really meets all the needs I have. A friend recommended Modern Combat 5: Blackout and I was blown away. This is the best shooting game in the past 10 years. Buy this game immediately! It's a must have."
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    Written on September 29, 2017
    Deborah Morales
    "The game looks beautiful; the almost noir-ish look to it is a bit different. It's something more than just a shoot 'em up game. A little more style, but not substance, unfortunately. And who knew Tom Clancy had games now?"
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    Written on October 4, 2017
    Joshua Ross
    "This franchise is one of the most well known brands for this type of game, and there's a reason. This game is specifically set up as a shooter game, and people wouldn't confuse it for something else. Also, the competitive edge created by allowing player vs player makes it so that there is no difficulty level, per se, but that you will never now how challenging your task will be."
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    Written on September 29, 2017
    Amy Hart
    "If you want to know if COD: World at War is a great shooting game, or one of the best, just head over to the official Steam page for the game and read the reviews. Some reviews are biased, so it's best to read in-depth reviews and reviews that discuss both the positives and negatives of the game. As well, watch the trailer videos to see the gameplay. COD:WAW takes a break from the modern theme of the franchise, and continues the legacy of the original COD games which took place in WWII. If you like WWII era FPS games, which there aren't many of, you should consider COD:WAW."
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    Written on March 26, 2017
    Martha Medina
    "I am not a fan of this game. I mainly do not like that the multiplayer doesn't work like it should. Not the best shooting game."
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    Written on September 29, 2017
    Howard Weaver
    "Even though mc5 had better graphics, i loved mc4 better. You can purchase the guns you want, the modifications you want, the grenades you want to use, the list goes on."
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    Written on September 29, 2017
    Jessica Cook
    "Who doesn't love Call of Duty? It has a cult following for a reason. It's such an addicting game and I love being able to play with friends. The customization options of the game are awesome and have totally helped me kick butt."
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    Written on September 29, 2017
    Larry Hansen
    "Counter-strike is the legend of all shooting games. I love the multiplayer action"
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    Written on September 28, 2017
    Diana Bell
    "XCOM is definitely not a great shooting game -- this is a turn based strategy game, so it's more for people who want to sit and think about what to do, and not for those who are looking for action. This is a good game, but it's definitely a thinking game."

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Best shooting games
Rank Solutions Type Votes Price
1 Call of Duty 4: Modern Warfare Games 486 Free
2 Team Fortress 2 Games 440 Free
3 Battlefield 1 Games 415 Paid
4 Team Fortress 2: Mann vs. Machine Other 395 Free
5 Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3 Games 377 Paid
6 Borderlands 2 Games 360 Paid
7 Overwatch Games 344 Paid
8 Call of Duty: Infinite Warfare Games 311 Free
9 Borderlands Games 299 Free
10 Call of Duty: Black Ops III Games 271 Free

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