What are the best Sports games on Steam?

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    Written on March 10, 2017
    Kelly Stevens
    "When my son was 15 years old, I began teaching him how to drive by letting him drive the car home after I picked him up at school. While I was giving him instructions on how to handle hazardous driving situations (we live in a city of 3 million population), he interrupted me to tell me that he was a pro on GTA, the game where cars are driven. He told me he has learned to handle all manner of dangers while driving. This was so utterly naive, and he scared me badly enough, that I would not let him drive again until he was 18! Beware of thinking that car racing games are going to teach you anything about real race-car driving."
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    Written on June 18, 2017
    Howard Bowman
    "I did not like this solution, as I feel like motorsports are on the fringe of sports. While the game itself is not bad, I would think solutions containing the major sports would be better. Basketball, baseball, football, soccer and hockey games would have been better solutions I think, but that may just be personal preference."
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    Written on May 22, 2017
    Billy Taylor
    "Assetto Corsa is a great sports game to play if you like car racing like I do. I really enjoy the multiplayer aspect of the game because I am competitive in any sports that I play. My favorite part about the game is that if I'm on my laptop in a place without internet access, I can always play offline against the AI. The AI system in this game is the best I have ever seen in a racing game."

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Best Sports games on Steam
Rank Solutions Type Votes Price
1 GRID Autosport Games 384 Free
2 Project CARS Games 348 Free
3 Assetto Corsa Games 328 Paid
4 Rocket League Games 310 Paid
5 Pro Cycling Manager 2017 Games 298 Paid
6 DiRT Rally Games 283 Free
7 MXGP3 Games 266 Paid
8 Ski Jump VR Games 231 Paid
9 Cloudlands : VR Minigolf Games 213 Paid
10 Volleyball Unbound - Pro Beach Volleyball Games 189 Paid

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