What are the best tools to organize UTM URLs?

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    Written on October 3, 2017
    Daniel Lopez
    "Interesting formula, just use it in Google Docs, Excel, Calc, etc. The problem is that it assumes you are signed up with Google ads in the first place, and a good deal of these UTM's are already outdated. I'd look around for another tool, as this one just doesn't cut it."
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    Written on February 3, 2017
    Sally Bishop
    "Hubspot's marketing software and tools are simply the best available. They are really comprehensive and thorough in their approach to online marketing. The tools let you slice and dice your date sets a nearly infinite amount of ways to drill down and find out all your niches and areas of opportunity. I think they're easier to use than Google Analytics with a much friendlier design that's easier and quicker to learn from the ground up."
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    Written on October 3, 2017
    Karen Little
    "I really didn't like the Google Analytics Builder because it would log me out every time I actually tried to use it. I would waste more time trying to figure out how to stay logged in than I did even using it! Awful."

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Best tools to organize UTM URLs
Rank Solutions Type Votes Price
1 EpikOne's Link Tagging Tool Websites 121 Free
2 HubSpot Software 104 Paid
3 Free Google Analytics URL Builder by Terminus Websites 91 Free
4 UTM Tagging with Google Spreadsheets by Link To Sheets Websites 81 Free
5 Google Analytics Campaign Tagging Tool by Luna Metrics Websites 65 Free
6 UTM Builder Spreadsheet Template by Effin Amazing Websites 56 Free
7 Cardinal Path's Google Analytics Campaign Tagging Tool Websites 46 Free
8 The Best UTM Builder Spreadsheet (and how to use it) Websites 28 Free
9 Whysr URL Builder Software 26 Free
10 Terminus Multi-tag UTM URL Builder Software 5 Paid

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