What are the best torrent sites for eBooks?

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    Written on March 29, 2017
    Ann Harmon
    "Extratorrent.cc is a good site for downloading ebooks, as well as music, movies, etc. On the very first page it will list for you all most popular downloads. Then if you look under the category Books there are thousands and thousands of torrents, something for everyone no matter your interest. Just be sure to use a VPN to protect your privacy and security."
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    Written on April 5, 2017
    Paty Enriquez
    "I was checking out places to download public eBooks. I don't like downloading books which are not public domain, so I wasn't interested in those. But Ebookshare seems like it might have a nice selection of public books which meet my needs."
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    Written on April 8, 2017
    Mike Woo
    "Zoogle is a great place to find downloads for a variety of different books. It is so convenient to have so much reading material available at one site. The downloads are smooth and easy and I'm now reading more than ever!"
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    Written on February 14, 2017
    Gregory Newman
    "I love using Ebookee for ebooks. Especially for comics. The layout on the site is so clean and easy to navigate exactly the category I'm looking for and they have Top 10 lists that I use when I want to read something I wouldn't normally read."
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    Written on January 23, 2017
    Norman Wilson
    "I love to read ! Boy I have found the site that allows me to enjoy any type of book I want to read around round the clock if I choose . Free - ebooks.net has everything a book lover could ever want there are just so many titles and love that it's free. When I first went to the site I could not believe all the categories that they had for me to select from . I mean they have so many categories that I had to stay focused on what i came to the site to find ."
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    Written on March 21, 2017
    Lillian O'brien
    "I have the Kindle app on my phone for when I am on the train during my morning commute but sometimes I just can't afford a new book. I decided to try torrents to see what kind of titles are out there for free. After finding many torrent sites that are offline now or almost useless because of ads and malicious software, I stumbled upon Torrent Off. I was cautious at first, but after downloading several titles, or which there are more than 700,000 listed on the site, I was pleasantly surprised and continue to download from this site. It has worked like a charm with no viruses and no pop up ads like so many other torrent sites out there."
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    Written on April 2, 2017
    Chris Harrison
    "I don't trust torrent sites, but this is all legit. You are only download document files, so you don't have to worry about any nefarious viruses, or things like that. They have a ton of free books available, more than you could ever imagine. The library is really impressive, and the search features really help you hone in on a book you are looking for, or may be interested in reading. I suggest this for any book lover out there who has had trouble with torrent sites in the past."
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    Written on April 4, 2017
    Leonard Cannon
    "I was looking for a site to download eBook torrents and I was recommended to use KickAss Torrents. This site has a very easy to use interface and allowed me to search a wide array of torrents for the exact eBooks (and others!) that I was looking for. I was able to easily download the torrents and then utilize them in my eReader at home, which is exactly what I was looking to do. KickAss Torrents supplied me with what I was looking for and I am very happy with the results."
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    Written on January 18, 2017
    Thomas Hawkins
    "Many books is a great torrent site for finding books online. The only downside is that you have to register for the site unlike many torrent sites. That being said there is a great selection of books including quite a few you would not expect to be able to find online."

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Best torrent sites for eBooks
Rank Solutions Type Votes Price
1 Extratorrent.cc Websites 217 Free
2 EBookShare Websites 169 Free
3 Zooqle Websites 145 Free
4 Ebookee Websites 134 Free
5 free-ebooks.net Websites 104 Free
6 Torrent Off Websites 89 Free
7 Freebookspot Websites 52 Free
8 KickAssTorrents Websites 21 Free
9 Many Books Websites 1 Free